If You Watch it Backwards

If you watch Die Hard backwards, its about a bunch of terrorists helping to repair a sky scraper just in time for a Christmas party.

If you watch Cinderella backwards, its about a woman who learns her place.

If you watch The Karate Kid backwards, its about a karate champion who slowly becomes a pussy and ends up moving back to Jersey.

If you watch Pretty Woman backwards, its about Richard Gere transforming Julia Roberts into a hooker.

If you watch Godzilla backwards, it is about a giant lizard who is revived by missiles and then goes on a civil construction spree in downtown Manhattan before retiring to its island home.

If you watch Superman backwards, it is about a guy who flies around, putting people into precarious situations, then hiding.

If you watch Pokemon backwards, its about rehabilitating victims of legalised animal fighting and releasing them into the wild.

If you watch an intervention backwards, its about friends and family forcing someone to become dangerously addicted to drugs and alcohol.

If you watch Bones backwards, its about an FBI agent and an anthropologist who ease their romantic tension by putting bones in the ground.

If you watch Top Gun backwards, its about the breakup of two gay Navy pilots.

Kolla in sidan.

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