V for Vendetta

Jag såg V for Vendetta nyss och jag måste säga att det är en av de bättre filmerna jag har sett på länge. Den är snygg, upprorisk, gripande och spännande. Filmen är mer som Matrix än Matrix 2 & 3 för er som är orolig över att Wachowski bröderna har gjort bort sig. När jag kom ut från biografen så var mitt betyg en 5:a, men nu i efterhand, när jag har tänkt lite på det så är filmen mer som en stark 4:a, en mkt stark 4:a.

– People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.


5 thoughts on “V for Vendetta

  1. I loved this picture, this was the best time to see it, cinemas don´t want to play it in Mexico because we have our own pacific version of “V” rigth now and the people is supporting him all the way…..”A.M.L.O.” Vote x Vote (we are not afraid of the goverment anymore;) )

  2. The graphics for the film in generall is really great I think, kind of a retro propaganda feel to it.

    Andrés Manuel López Obradors is the mayor of Mexico City right? Is he a good man? I have heard something about some kind of property scandal he is involed in, or maybe thats just propaganda from opposing parties?

    Do you think there will be a V for Vendetta 2?

  3. The goverment owns tv, radio, newspapers,etc…they have been trying to defeat AMLO with a lot of lies, right now they cheated this year presidential elections but people are responding with a pacific fight to defend democracy and defeat corruption. I have great pictures like the 2 millon people walk or what the media call “a few renegades” if you are interested send me an email or you can watch the representative cartoons of what is happening in Mexico here http://www.monerohernandez.com you wont need any translation, images say it all 😉 greetings

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